The Netherlands

With ambitious renewable energy expansion targets, the Netherlands is an interesting growth market for new projects. Due to the comparatively high feed-in tariffs from the state auctions, new plants also promise attractive and reliable returns. Currently, we have three rooftop solar plants with a total installed capacity of 6.0 MW connected to the grid. We have signed an agreement to acquire a portfolio of six solar plants with a total capacity of 10 MW. Additionally, a ground-mounted solar plant is under construction with a planned installed capacity of 14.1 MW, expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022. 

Oud Gastel

One of our Dutch solar parks is located in Oud Gastel, North Brabant. Solar modules from Jinko with a capacity of 1.7 MW were installed on a rooftop of a production hall. The solar park benefits from the Dutch feed-in tariff scheme until the end of 2035. However, we will be able to use the roof longer.

1.7 MW
installed capacity

1.7 GWh
produced in 2020


c. 1,290t CO2
saved in 2020

  • Region: Hernen Capacity: 14.1 MW Status: In Developement
  • Region: North-Brabant Capacity: 2.8 MW Status: Operational
  • Region: North-Brabant Capacity: 1.7 MW Status: Operational
  • Region: Gelderland Capacity: 0.9 MW Status: Operational
  • Region: Utrecht Capacity: 0.5 MW Status: Operational